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Online Therapy

What you Need to Know

Online Therapy is an effective alternative to in-person appointments and is a safe, confidential and HIPAA compliant way to begin or to continue professional therapy.    

Benefits of Online Therapy

   Continuity of care

   Saves time and eliminates travel 

   Increases access to services for all
   Convenient on-the-go connection
   Confidential just as in-person therapy
   Safe and addresses social distancing

   Overcomes mobility limitations

Connection & Equipment

 - Secure, high-speed internet connection
   (minimum speed of 10mbps)
 - Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browser
 - A phone (in case of technical difficulties)
 - A private place (room, car, outside)

 - Headphones are recommended


One of the following with camera, mic & speakers:

   Desktop Computer 

   Laptop Computer 
   Tablet Device 

   Smartphone (with iOS or Android App)

Is Online Therapy Right for Me?

Online therapy is not for everyone. To learn more and determine if online therapy is right for you, I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation. Let's discuss. 

Computer for online therapy
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